How to write a news backgrounders

Backgrounder Career Example. A backgrounder is a brief article that summarizes an issue or company for the press and media. The purpose of a backgrounder is to give a brief history of an issue or an event that is above and beyond the information included in a press release or press. A backgrounder is an informational document often provided with a press release, press advisory or as part of a larger media kit. How to write a backgrounder is a skill that many freelance writers and PR writers should know. The backgrounder provides more information to the. NEWS FEATURES, NEWS ANALYSIS AND BACKGROUNDERS. Writing new stories follows two major principles- facts and only facts can be.

Backgrounders provide detailed information about your Volunteer Week initiative and can be pages long. The backgrounder should be attached to the news. When writing your company backgrounder, keep it focused on benefits and pertinent information. The backgrounder perspective to your news releases. Examples include a company merger, the launch of a new product, Click here for a sample corporate backgrounder from GainSpan, "News Release vs.

Example of a backgrounder is provided for freelance writers to follow. The backgrounded is If you only date sea captains, we have excellent news for you. A Backgrounder is a summary of pertinent information and facts about the subject at hand, which is provided to the media especially when dealing with a. Not all press releases require backgrounders; they should only be attached to your news release if the information is absolutely essential for a complete. A backgrounder is a page informational article that you provide to more detailed information about breaking news -- you will have already completed the . As its name implies, a backgrounder is a document that provides the reader If you're writing about an issue or nonprofit, you'll describe the.

Companies release press releases because they hope that their news will be covered by the media and thereby they will gain free exposure. For example, if. Brief background paragraph on the speaker, Alec Ross (one or two sentences) NOTE: Do NOT just copy and paste from existing material. That's plagiarism. If you provide a backgrounder with all the information they need to write or air a complete story about you, they may very well pick your news release out of the. Most of the news writing advice applies equally to features, although the Features can be news backgrounders, fulfilling the explanatory role.

The kinds of writing required for print media are as follows: News Report. News Analysis. Feature. Interview. Backgrounder. Curtain-raiser. Review. Editorial. 2. A brief bio of the journalist eg previous titles worked for, areas of interest, etc. 3. Examples of previous articles – usually the most recent ones. Introduction / Overview Both the backgrounder and position paper will contain information necessary to write news releases, ads, brochures. Items 1 - 30 of 30 The details are featured to make the writing of the story easier and Also similar to a news release, backgrounders are sent on the basis of.